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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  May 30, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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college student running along highway 101 in this road. >> she was reporting she had been taken at knife point from her apartment complex in san jose and was able to escape when the car ran out of gas. >> reporter: coos county said she was held at knife point by a man she didn't know and escaped when the car ran out of gas in a rural coastal community, a two hour drive in the california state line. >> she said when the car came to a stop after running out of gas, she was able to just get the door open and just bolt from the car and she just ran into the brush and hid. >> reporter: authorities say the woman's car was found near the bollard's bridge not far from an old saw mill. her father called san jose university police when she didn't grow up for graduation
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ceremonies as expected. >> she was very emotional at the time. and i know i personally interviewed her the next day and she was still very emotional about the incident and hadn't slept much. >> reporter: the college student was treated at a local hospital for bruises to her face, but otherwise, she was physically unharmed. san jose police is now the lead agency in this investigation and earlier today, when we reached out to them, they would only say they are actively investigating and trying to contact the victim. reporting live at san jose state, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. two separate juries in napa county convicted a woman and her boyfriend in the torture killing of the woman's three- year-old daughter back in 2014. the testimony in those two cases was heard by the same judge. bun jury found ryan scott warner guilty in the child's death this morning. the child's mother sarah lynn kruger was found guilty last week but the verdict was kept sealed until today.
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caylee slusher's body was found in a suitcase after having been placed in a freezer. she died from blunt force trauma from being stomped an punched. michael catdoza on the floor say it probably wasn't a difficult decision for the juries. >> i think at the end of the arguments, the jury could have raised their hands and said judge, we deponent have to go in the jury room. let us vote here. we know they did it. >> they face 25 years to life in prison at sentencing. prosecutors did not seek the debt penalty. the death penalty or life in prison, that is the question a south bay jury started deliberating within the last half hour. today, lawyers wrapped up their closing arguments in the penalty phase of ansalin garcia- torres. he was already found guilty of murdering sierra lamar. jesse gary has been joining this case and he joining us live outside the hall of justice in san jose. jesse? >> reporter: jurors are working
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on their deliberation schedule today. whether they will deliberate late in the day or try to end a littlerly. that is what they did. it sun clear they got any of the meaty evidence related to the trial. both sides made impassioned arguments for the maximum and minimum insurance to be penalty to be given to him. >> the most difficult moral decision we make in our society and how the jury processes all of this is going to be a very difficult and arduous process i think. >> reporter: prosecutor david boyd started the process by repeating a a vexing question to jurors. boyd recapped the case he presented over the many weeks of his trial. how garcia-torres was convicted
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of attacks on three women in morgan hills in the years before sierra lamar went missing in 2012. the courtroom fell silent at video of her. the teen's voice and passion for life are now forever silenced due to the actions of garcia-torres. sierra lamar disappeared en route to school five years ago and he was found guilty of kidnapping and killing her. boyd showing evidence bags with lamar's sneakers inside. implored jurors you have to look into the face of evil and suffering. when you look there, the facts compel a death sentence. >> this affects his family and children, and the other families. the responsibility falls directly on him. and he should not be seen as someone who is enjoying sympathy when he created the carnage. >> reporter: prosecutors say
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because lamar's remains have never been found, her father, steve, has been left a broken shell of a man. late in the day, defense lawyer bryan matthews presented his closing, arguing a life sentence without the possibility of parole is punishment that never ends. he told the panel a death sentence is not required due to the guilty verdict. that garcia-torres' childhood and upbringing in a sub standard home and abusive parents should be considered mitigating factors to spare his life. >> he suffered as a juvenile growing up with a lot of hardship that's could have led to the decisions he made. he is not someone who had been spending his whole entire life committing crimes. >> reporter: again, deliberations beginning late today, jurors trying to work out the schedule of how long each day. no verdict yet, but we will have it here for you online, on air, for mobile app, social
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media, et cetera. check in with ktvu fox 2 news. >> if he does get the death sentence, is that the end of it or could that be overturned? >> reporter: there is still the possibility that the judge could overturn a death sentence and impose life in prison without the possibility of parole. although, our legal analyst says he has not seen that happen, but it is a possibility. there is still the possibility of a new trial. they will push for when the sentence comes down, there is still the issue of the credibility of the lead detective in the case. sergeant lee young. and, his involvement in this case. so they will use that to argue there should be a new trial altogether. we have to get through that too. so yes, if there is a death sentence, the judge could overdue it. >> thanks jesse. a man shot and wounded yesterday by a fremont police officer remains hospitalized tonight recovering from surgery. the shooting happened around 4:00 yesterday afternoon at a shopping center off mallory avenue between lucky and orchard supply stores.
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fremont police say one of their officers shot the man because he was holding a two foot long metal pipe and threatening people. >> the officer was chasing the young black man telling him to stop, drop it. stop, drop it. i'm like drop what? >> the suspect was rushed to the hospital. his condition has not been released. fremont police plan to release more information on this case later in the week. the oakland city attorney is expected to officially recommend that the city settle the case involveing the sex scandal at the oakland police department. city attorney barbara parker is set to make the recommendation at the city council meeting. the city is expected to offer jasmine abuslin $989,000 to settle her claim. she was originally seeking 66 million. the 19-year-old former sex worker filed claims against the cities of richmond, livermore, and san francisco as well as
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alameda county over alleged exploitation by officers. president trump's personal attorney is the latest to become a focus in the investigation of the russian meddling of the presidential election. joe waldman has the latest. >> reporter: while most of the attention in recrept days has been on president trump's son- in-law, now, the investigation is expanding to include the president's personal attorney. >> we have been talking about this for about eight months. >> reporter: more frustration at the white house this morning. michael cohen is considered to be one of president trump's closest confidants has become a focus of the expanding congressional investigation into russian efforts to influence the 2016 campaign. cohen reportedly rejected congressional requests for cooperation in the investigation with the intelligence committee issuing subpoenas as it deems necessary. president trump responding on twitter. russian officials must be laughing at the u.s. and how a
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lame excuse for why the dems lost the election has taken over the fake news. much of the media focus in recent days has fallen on president trump's senior adviser and son-in-law jared kushner. kushner himself said he is eager with cooperate with investigators as the white house continues to field questions about what the president knew about any of these so-called back channel  communications. >> i think that assumes a lot. mr. kushner's attorney says he has volunteer today share with congress what he knows about the meetings. >> reporter: amid all the intense scrutiny, mike dubke announced today he is stepping aside. in washington, joe waldman, fox news. house minority leader nancy pelosi was in san francisco speaking for the commonwealth club. she told the crowd she was able to work with previous republican administrations because they looked for common
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ground. >> you are not going to stipulate a set of facts, it will be very hard for us to negotiate and make progress. so, hopefully, he will understand that data, evidence, facts, matter. >> the minority leader is marking 30 years of service in the congress including a term as the first woman to be elected speaker of the house. the train station near the site of the manchester terrorist attack reopened today. british officials placed wreaths at the manchester victoria station. it is attach today the arena where the ariana grande concert is going on. a suicide bomber set off his explosives outside the arena. the station had been closed during the investigation. ariana grande is set to return to manchester sunday for a star studded benefit concert and will be joined by big names involving cold play, justin bieber, katy perry, miley
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cyrus, pharrell and usher. those who were at grande's concert last week will get free passes to the concert. it will be broadcast live on the bbc and be live streamed worldwide. enormous overtime bills. we sit down with the sheriff to find how deputies are making hundreds of thousands of dollars in overtime. >> plus, the san francisco giants game briefly turned into a fight club yesterday. we learned how many games hunter strictland and bryce harper will have to miss. plus ... >> we never had an issue with high school. this crosses the line. >> it is neighbor against neighbor. and the school board in the north bay. coming up next, how a fight for life has turned into a battle. >> cloudy, cool, breezy around the bay area this afternoon with a slight chance at a few scattered showers as we start tomorrow. illuvia look at the current conditions and your bay area wednesday forecast coming up.
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>> the novato school board is expected to vote tonight on a controversial issue that has guided neighbors in the community. the issue concerns whether or not to install lights at the san marin high school athletic field. the school wants the lights, but, many neighbors don't. >> ktvu fox 2 news' rob roth spoke with neighbors on each side and joins us now with a live report. rob? >> reporter: julie, that school board meeting is set to begin in about two hours here at san marin high school. the issue is outdoor lighting is creating quite a rift between neighbors in this otherwise quiet community. for many in novato, this combination soccer and football field at san marin high school has become something of a
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battlefield. high school coaches, athletic boosters want lights to students can have games, matches, and practices in the evening. >> four teams are trying to use the field with limited daylight. they are being pulled out of class for home and away games. >> reporter: but mike jolly lives near the field. never had an issue with high school. but this crosses the line. he, like other neighbors say the light and extra noise will be a game changer for this quiet neighborhood. >> the lights will alter the quality of life in this open space neighborhood. it will affect our enjoyment of our properties. >> reporter: earlier this month, the novato unified school district school board approved the environmental impact on the lighting clearing the way for the final boat. eight light poles each 80 feet tall. they plan to raise half the approximately $1.2 million for the project. >> it is very hot in novato.
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and, having practices later in the day is a health and safety related issue for us. it is important for the kid to practice in cooler weather. >> reporter: but neighbors say the lights could be on almost half the year and have banned together to try to stop it. >> you won't be able to see the sunsets or the stars. it will be dramatically different. >> it is not as intrusive as they fear it will be. >> reporter: if the school board approves it, they could be up and running in about two years. now, the opposition says it could be thinking about suing. ken and julie? >> is there any compromise to work out? limiting the hours or the lights to certain days? >> reporter: well, they feel they have already come up with compromises about the time they woulden go past a certain hour. those who oppose it say they should find a mutual site in a park or a community college. and not near a neighborhood, but, this is the plan that they have come up with. so, it seems like it is going
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to be take it or leave it. >> rob roth, thank you. let's check in with rosemary orozco. doesn't really feel like baseball weather out there right now. >> it doesn't. and the unofficial start to summer we want on memorial day weekend didn't happen either. we continue with the cool pattern in place for one more day. we will see subtle changes tomorrow. first, the possibility of a few sprinkles. by the afternoon, hopefully more sunshine. here is a look at what is going on right now from san francisco across the bay, it is still mostly cloudy out there. 73 now report in santa rosa. that is one of the warmer spots. 55 in san francisco. going to see the giants play later, bundle up. it will be cool and breezy. 63 in oakland. livermore, 61. san jose, 64. so, for some, temperatures continue to fall today. look at livermore. eight degrees cooler than yesterday at this hour. down by six in areas like fairfield. and the on shore breeze, quite robust. 31 miles, i should say 38 miles an hour, that gust now.
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so, climbing in the last hour or so, a sustained wind at 28. so, we look at oakland, we are sustained at 16. novato, 15. gusting to 24. the on shore breeze will be us with us through the evening hours. we have a weak system dragging across our area in the morning leading to the possibility of a few sprinkles. now, we have the mostly cloudy skies. futurecast. earlier models picked up a little bit of blue. early tomorrow morning it has taken it out. but we will call for the possibility. a drizzle. a few scattered showers. you can see over the sierras and northern california, a little moisture dancing around. as we get into the afternoon, partly cloudy skies away from the coast. the coast looks like it will remain cloudy. temperatures come up just lightly. but really, it will take until thursday before we see a bigger warmup. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy skies. a little bit of drizzle. maybe a few sprinkles.
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54 redwood city. 55 oakland. low 50s in livermore. and 50 degrees expected for santa rosa. your afternoon highs, partly cloudy skies. 78 in napa for tomorrow. 76 san rafael. mid 60s san francisco. upper 70s expected for our inner east bay. into the south bay, we have 70s expected in san jose. 76 for you. 77 expected, los gatos. here's a look at the extended forecast. a modest warmup as we get into your bay area thursday, by friday and saturday, it is looking better, low 60s at the coast. 70s around the bay. getting back into the low 80s in time for saturday and sunday. >> that fog and clouds, stubborn. >> really has. i think saturday, we had a pretty good clearing but since then, it has been late clearing, cool, breezy. >> chilly out. thanks rosemary. the anticipation of the nba finals has been building for a week now, the defending champions are in the bay area.
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coming up next, hear from the warriors stars on how they are planning to slow down lebron james. >> then, new information after a boy falls from a slide. how this accident has opened up a much bigger probe. >> plus hundreds of miles of kelp forest vanishing underneath the coast. the long term effects. it is all coming up at 6:00.
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>> new information now in the fight between the nationals and the giants at at&t park. here it is again. giants reliever hunter strickland has been suspended six games and nationals star bryce harper has to sit four games. strickland hit harper with a fast ball and both players landed punches as the benches clear. they have been simmering since
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2014. the two teams face off again tonight at 7:00. well, the pressure, excitement, and anticipation of the nba finals has been building for a week now, we are only two days away from game one and for the third consecutive year, they are facing lebron james and the cavaliers. the defending champs arrived in san francisco today. center tristan thompson tweeted this picture in front of the san francisco bus with the words we are back. [ laughter ] >> sports director mark ibanez is here now, warriors are favorites, but you cannot rule out the cavaliers. >> i was laughing when you read the story about the hunter strickland pitch. it has gone from 92 miles an hour, 96. >> tomorrow, it will be 109. >> yeah, tomorrow, it will be a 109 miles an hour fast ball. maybe the warriors and cavaliers want to chime in on that. talking sports today on the radio, no other subject. but let's not forget, we have real stuff coming up on
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thursday evening at the oracle. you have to admit, there are slim pickings with regards to new subjects. there is mike brown talking to steve kerr. andre iguodala and his sore knee. kd. and of course, subject 1a. that man. i will never get over that shot there. he has been absolutely sensational. you think he was good in game seven last year? this guy has taken it to a whole new level. he will be ready and the warriors have to be planning big time for him. what do you do? here is what they said? response to that question. >> you can't top lebron, he will score, you try to make it tough on him. he doesn't have an easy gain offensively. and, you know, maybe he will
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miss a few shots here and there that might turn into positives for you going the other way. >> it is challenging. challenging. just like you do with any other really good player. just try to challenge them not to get discouraged. you are going to make shots and shoot tough. let them know they will play the same type of defense. you know. just can't get discouraged with guys like that. they can score in bunches and they can score so easily. >> all right, there is nothing you can do to stop him. you can only hope to contain him. last year, they didn't stop them, but they did two years ago, so what did they do that made the difference? >> i think what they did was andre iguodala was on him fiercely to the point where he was selected as the mvp of the series. andre iguodala, of course, will be asked to do that, plus, the warriors have kevin durant this time around to kind of take some of the pressure off the
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other guys. you can let him have his game. let him score 30 points but you don't want to get him out where he is scoring 45 points and distributing the ball and really feeling his shot. it is so important that the warriors win these first two games at oracle. get their confidence going. i can speak if experience, going back to cleveland, everybody talks about how loud it is at the oracle. that place back there is unbelievably difficult to succeed in. once the cavaliers get a roll, it is every bit as tough as it is to win right here in oakland. >> let's flip it around. the warriors have to stop lebron, but the cavaliers have to stop steph, kd, and klay thompson. >> and i think the warriors have slipped the two games so far with the cavaliers. they had like a nine point lead. a couple, three minutes left in the game. can they disappointingly let that get away. then in the next meeting they absolutely clobbered the
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cavaliers. the warriors have a lot of weapons, they have the talent to do it. they are not heavily favors but you hear crazy talk warrior fans. they will sweep them. they are undefeated. maybe get that thought out of your head. i'm thinking six games. if the warriors bring their a game as often as they have been so tenacious, wouldn't be any upset. >> this is the rematch everybody wants to see. >> the final five, scary to think, people are saying all right, three years in a row, if you look down the road a little bit, this could be going on, four, five years. what's to stop these guys from meeting again and again? >> it would be fun. >> everybody looks at distant third and fourth. whatever. >> compared to these two. >> thanks mark. >> all right. coming up, some bay area
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sheriff deputies are making hundreds of thousands of dollars in overtime alone. why the san francisco sheriff and union are defending the big overtime bills. >> plus, testing the missile defense. details about the american military successful attempt to bring down a test missile fired from oversea. >> new details about golfer tiger woods' arrest, what police say he was doing behind the wheel when they got on the scene and the damage done to his car. join all your child's sesame street friends as they discover that everything makes music it's sesame street live elmo makes music playing city national civic san jose june 10th & 11th tickets on sale now through ticketmaster
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>> the san francisco sheriff is ordering mandatory overtime for her deputies due to low staffing levels. the order came in a memo and it has deputies angry. tara moriarty sat count with the sheriff to talk about her decision and she uncovered documents showing one deputy who made nearly $300,000 in just overtime last year.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: they worked protests, handled security at city hall. and the hospital. they oversee the jails. the jail population has declined to the tune of 1,000 beds so why is the sheriff mandating overtime for her employees? >> it is a problem of where we have not caught up. >> reporter: with no hiring done during the previous sheriff's turn, she had 93 spots to fill last year. in a memo dated may 19, she explains the emergency created by the extreme staffing shortage. so, she is implementing fair share overtime for the next three months. >> that means spreading the pain across the board basically. and, getting people to work at least one eight-hour shift. >> reporter: it doesn't sit well for some. >> it is 60 hours of overtime
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per pay period and you want to take away one of their off days. they also have families and they have childrenment when are they supposed to rest? >> reporter: right now, there are 94 vacancies. half of those will be filled by people going through the academy now, but with people retiring and leaving the department, they simply can't plug the open positions fast enough. at full staff, the department has 915 deputies. >> we understand that we do have a staffing issue, but, we have had it for quite a while. >> reporter: according to the transparent colorado website, three deputies made enormous amounts of overtime last year. all have an annual base pay. the highest amount, deputy antonio santiago pulled in nearly $270,000 in overtime alone. >> that is egregious. >> it seems like a lot. i agree. it is not costing the city any
5:33 pm
more money. it is not costing the taxpayers any more money. these people are choosing to work this and being held accountable at work. >> reporter: the sheriff agreed santiago was most likely working every day. often 16 hour shifts. and last year, he surpassed the 1500 hour overtime threshold. the union defends santiago. >> it is different when deputy can set up their own overtime and prepare and plan for it than when you are all of a sudden being told oh, you have to work, you are not prepared. >> reporter: the sheriff will continue to work with the mayor's office and deputy union to iron out a solution, but she doesn't see adequate staffing levels for at least two years. tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. san francisco police issued a shelter in place alert in the tenderloin after someone tried to turn in an explosive device. it started around 12:15 this afternoon. someone found the devices and brought them to the police station on eddie street near jones. it affected traffic and the
5:34 pm
muni line. the bomb unit will dispose of the devices and the shelter alert was lifted around 12:30. two teenagers killed in a crash in alameda were high school students in union city. henry lee joins us with the update. >> reporter: well, julie, police say none of the seven people inside this includeing the two students were from alameda. it is not yet known why they were visiting the island city, but one thing is known for sure. the driver ran a red light at high speed. >> reporter: a spot is marked where the young people crashed on memorial day. two of the seven people in the truck died. briana ortega and simon zotello. both were 17. others were taken to the hospital with injuries ranging from serious to critical. the driver red a red light at
5:35 pm
high speed and clipped a mini van. the woman driving the mini van suffered minor injuries. the vehicle crashed into a sign post and tree outside alameda bicycle. briana died at the scene. she was a senior in union city. simon died at highland hospital in oakland. he was a sophomore at james logan high school. he went out for the football team. he was a big kid. that was something that brought him joy. >> reporter: grief counselors were on hand on campus where students have been particularly hard hit by deadly crashes involving classmates during the school year. on mother's day, shane marcelino was killed in the crash as her mother drove her home from prom. over the labor day weekend, james logan students died in
5:36 pm
the crash. >> this community, the dakota school for independent studies. they are reeling from this loss compounded with the previous losses. this loss by itself would have been hard to take. but, given the history of this last year, it has been a tough year for new haven. >> reporter: students in union city grieve and police in alameda are trying to determine who is driving the truck and how fast the person was going. >> a scary time of year now with so many graduations right now. henry, what was the speed limit there? i know it wasn't very fast, but they think speed was a factor. >> the speed limit on park street is 25 miles an hour. and, witnesses say that truck was going significantly faster than that. >> reporter: a train breakdown caused delays on bart this morning around 6:45 when a richmond bound train broke down outside of the transbay tube
5:37 pm
near the west oakland station. it blocked trains going in and out of san francisco about 30 minutes. two medical emergencies and a track switch problem at lake merritt also added to the delay problem this morning. bart police are investigating a rash of car break-ins at various bart station parking lots yesterday. there were nine auto burglaries at the millbrae station one at the colma and one at the del norte station. there has been a spike in crime but car break-ins are down the last two years. bart has added extra patrols. we have new information on today's test of a missile defense system in southern california. the pentagon confirms the test was a success. military officials say the interception shot a mock ballistic missile out of the
5:38 pm
sky. it confirmed they could potentially do the same if north korea launches a nuclear warhead aimed for the u.s. >> we are demonstrating continued increase in capability, range, altitude, and, capacity. >> just yesterday, north korea conducted a test of its own firing off a ballistic missile that landed in japanese waters. u.s. officials say north korea is still a few years away from developing a missile that could reach the u.s. mainland. two officers involved in the shooting of a 12-year-old boy in cleveland are facing discipline. frank garmback received a state university student driving to close to the boy when he and officer loehman arrived on the site. the boy's mother says both officers should have been fired. loehman was fired for lying on
5:39 pm
his application. >> they fired him for lying on his application, they should have fired him for killing tamir. >> this is a tragedy. absolute tragedy. but, those officers reacted to the situation that unfolded in front of them and they reacted appropriately. >> reporter: last year, prosecutors declined to indict the officers. tamir rice was shot to death in 2014 when the officers responded to a call about a male with a gun. the boy turned out to be carrying a pellet gun. it wasn't alcohol, but it may have been pain medication that caused tiger woods' arrest for dui. what he was doing. plus, amazon stock reaches a milestone, what your stock portfolio would be worth today if you invested a thousand dollars 20 years ago. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us
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say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. >> new information coming out about the dui arrest of tiger woods in florida. both tires on the driver side were flat with damage to the rims and he was sleeping in the car on the side of the road. there was no alcohol in his system. >> but police say tiger woods had four medications in his system at the time of his arrest. >> reporter: tiger woods was taking four medications when he was arrested for dui according
5:43 pm
to a police report from palm beach county. he said one of the medications was vicodin which the fda says may impair a person's ability to drive. he has had multiple back surgeries including spinal fusion last month. >> he lucked out. he got pulled off the road before he killed somebody. before he injured someone or himself. >> reporter: the report says woods was found asleep at the wheel of his stopped car early monday morning. he said to have slurred speech and it was difficult for him to walk. he released a statement saying i understand the severity of what i did and i take full responsibility for my actions. i want the public to know alcohol was not involved. what happened was an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications. this is not the first time woods has had some trouble behind the wheel. an early morning single vehicle accident in 2009 led to the
5:44 pm
revelation of several extramarital affairs. >> it will have an impact on the fans. he was just recovering from the 2009 scandal. in terms of his sponsors i'm sure they will take a close look at this. >> reporter: tiger woods arraignment is set for july. shares of amazon reached a milestone surpassing the $1,000 mark. the price puts the market value of the seattle based online retailer at $478 billion. more than twice that of wal- mart. to put the stock price in perspective, someone who bought $1,000 in amazon stock back in 1997 would now have a portfolio worth half a million dollars. the company stock has risen 33% this year alone. coming up, a deadly holiday weekend on a california river. how the snow melt and big crowds combined for dangerous conditions. the deaths and the rescues coming up next.
5:45 pm
>> the seismic retro fit of the golden gate bridge is now entering its final phase to completion. >> another cloudy cool day around the bay area with a possibility of a few scattered showers as we start your bay area wednesday. i'll have a look at what you can expect form in the extended forecast. a nice warmup coming our way. i will show you this coming up. join all your child's sesame street friends as they discover that everything makes music it's sesame street live elmo makes music playing city national civic san jose june 10th & 11th tickets on sale now through ticketmaster
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>> the already 20-year-old seismic retro fit project of the golden gate bridge enters into its final phase. tom vacar has a look. >> reporter: the final phase of the golden gate bridge retro fit program will get understood way next year. the final phase of this multidecade retro fit program is the section just above my head between the two towers. chosen to be last because there is more flexibility and earthquake resistance than any other part. it will strengthen the bridge
5:48 pm
into a lifeline structure that can and will remain in operation. they will test shock absorbers causing it to shake a lot less for a big quake, even one in this 1906 computer simulation. that can only happen once the work platforms are designed and tested to withstand winds seen rarely. 100 miles an hour. they want to test platform designs that guarantee the safety of the worker and the integrity of the bridge. no one wants a repeat of the tacoma narrows bridge that collapsed under high winds. >> we expect construction to be complete in 2024. >> reporter: this all began right after the 1989loma prietta quake. it caused the bridge district to start a multiphase project
5:49 pm
to prevent collapse in the next big event. >> reporter: the phase completed in 2001 retro fitted. phase two in 2008 did the same for the san francisco side. phase three completed in 2013 made sure that the bridge, even in a major quake which might damage it will not collapse it. >> so, if someone is driving across the bridge and a major earthquake happens now, they won't die. >> reporter: while all of this is going on, they will add the suicide barrier net which is also wind and computer tested. the suicide barrier will be done in 2021. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. three people died over the holiday weekend and two dozen people had to be rescued from the kern river near bakersfield. officials say the three deaths
5:50 pm
all involved rafting incidents. after five years of drought, the record snow melt caused increased runoff and brought dramatic rapids and swift flows to california rivers. conditions along the kern river are expected to be dangerous throughout the entire summer. outside our doors this afternoon, cool, breezy, another day of this expected, even the possibility of a few sprinkles starting tomorrow morning. ly explain this in just a moment. the inner east bay cooled off a bit. 73, concord. 77 in antioch, so, a nice one for you there. not bad at all. but most of us remained mostly cloudy for the entire day. 74 santa rosa. and, along the peninsula, upper 60s in redwood city. 58 the afternoon high in san francisco. look at the current conditions still holding onto 73 santa rosa, 71 napa. inner east bay, a cool one in livermore, 61 for now right now. around the bay, it is cool as
5:51 pm
well. 61 hayward, 56 in san francisco. and 61 sfo. out to see the giants play, lit be cool and breezy with mostly cloudy conditions. the on shore breeze is quite robust. take a look at fair field. 28, sustained, gusting to 38. when it that is that strong. cool pacific air all the way to the sacramento valley. a sustained wind of 12 at novato. gusts picking up to 20, 25. oakland, sustained at 16 most of the afternoon. here is a look at the cloud cover from up above and as we get into the evening hour theres is a system in the pacific northwest that will bring the possibility of a few sprinkles. doesn't look like a big deal, but it is definitely a chance. take a look at the futurecast model. as we get going, we have some over the sierra. northern california, a good bet. here at home, not picking up on a lot. every run has been a little
5:52 pm
different. we are partly cloudy away from the coastline. we are expected to stay mostly cloudy for wednesday. temperatures may come up slightly tomorrow. but, the bigger warmup will come toward the end of the week and does include your weekend. here is a look at the temperatures expected tomorrow morning. upper 40s pacifica, mid 50s in oakland. concord, 60 degrees expected to start your morning in antioch. and again, you may have a little drizzle out there. afternoon highs expected in the north bay for tomorrow. upper 70s for the inner east bay. closer to the water, 69 oakland, low 60s in pacifica. 76, san jose, not a lot of change getting in through wednesday. thursday, a modest little warmup there, but friday into the weekend, that is when we begin to see bigger changes for our inland communities. we will remain low 60s at the coast. not a lot of change there. nice and mild around the bay. that should feel quite nice. >> good, it has been gloomy the
5:53 pm
last couple of days. >> thank, rosemary orozco. the march to make their voices heard. the message they want california's lawmakers to hear about supporting undocumented immigrants. >> and new developments from investigators after a boy was thrown from a slide at an east bay water park. 2 investigates tells us how this accident has opened up a much bigger probe. >> hundreds of miles of kelp forest vanishes underneath the coast. what scientists are saying is behind it, plus the long term effects at 6:00.
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
>> there is word from the middle east that is situation in southern syria is getting more dangerous with iranian back forces massing by the hundreds along the iraqi border. u.s. war planes are dropping leaflets warning the militias to leave that area. the trump administration blames rogue parliamentary forces that are outside the iranian chain of command. >> that is coming from the apparatus that is not responsive to its electorate. >> reporter: meantime, president trump is reviewing a plan to send up to 5,000 more troops to afghanistan to fight isis and the taliban. immigrant workers and their supporters gathered in sacramento to discuss new legislation. >> at least one of those bills
5:57 pm
addresses the nationwide controversy soft so-called sanctuary cities. >> stop the hate! >> reporter: janitors, social workers, and other members of the service employees international union chanted. >> stop the hate. >> reporter: to make their voices heard, sending a message to lawmakers asking them to support two bills for undocumented immigrants. >> california is a diverse rich state. we will stand with folks who are contributing to the success of california. >> reporter: as b-54, blocks local and state police agencies from working with federal groups on immigration enforcement. ab-450 requires employers to ask federal agencies for a warrant before letting them on their property. >> we need to be able to trust and be able to go and say hey, we are part of these communities and crimes have been committed against me. if you have that linked, our
5:58 pm
communities will not speak up and go forward. >> i'm here because this is a very important issue. >> reporter: lori mason is a public defender in kern county. she believes moat measures if approved will create more distrust between law enforcement and the immigrant community. >> i have clients right now that are afraid to give me names of witnesses. alibi witnesses. they are so afraid of ice. >> reporter: for those holiday weekend oppose the bill, say without cooperation between local law enforcement and ice agencies, repeat criminals will be back on the street. >> i don't believe they are citizen material and they should be deported and we should do everything we can to asis ice in identifying those felons. >> reporter: in texas, governor greg about bot signed a bill allowing local law enforcement to ask questions on citizenship status and gives them the green light to work with federal immigration agencies like ice. sandra diaz says the goal is to
5:59 pm
prerent similar legislation in the golden state. >> we have to say we are not that state that will persecute communities. our history has an ugly part of that witness stand leukine not repeat that again. >> reporter: pedro rivera, fox 40 new. ktvu fox 2 news news at 6:00 starts right now. >> oakland city leaders considering a settlement of almost a million dollars in a police sex scandal involving several of the city's police officers. that scandal led to changes at the top for the oakland police department. i'm ken wayne, frank is off. >> i'm julie haener. tonight, the oakland city council is deciding whether to go ahead with the offer to settle the claim filed by the woman at the center of the police sex scandal. happening now, ktvu fox 2 news' cristina rendon is live at city hall where council members are expected to vote tonight. >> reporter: this meeting started about 30 minutes ago. right now, they are listening to public comment. they have not gotten to the
6:00 pm
discussion on the proposed settlement yet. it is one of the last items of the agenda. it surrounds surround -- we spoke with noel gallo who wants to settle this case for $970,000 for a former sex worker. this is contingent on her accepting the nearly one million dollars offer and oakland's city attorney recommended this to the council to settle the claims that abuzlin was exploited by officers and that her civil rights were violated. she was originally seeking 66 million. but her current attorney is recommending the 19-year-old accept the 908 # thousand dollars offer if it


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